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Our Quality Renewed Taxis are as good as new and include a 12 month / 60 000km warranty, thereafter the extended warranty of 30 months kicks in. This is already built into the pricing construct.

  • Toyota Ses'fikile
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Quality Renewed Taxi
      • 60,000km /12 months warranty*
      • New Taxi
      • 60,000Km / 2 year warranty
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* On all renewed taxis sold from 01 October 2017

Taximart Workshop - Quality Renewed Taxis | SA TaxiWhat’s a Quality Renewed Taxi?

At SA Taxi, we take pre-owned taxis and put them through a high-quality panel and mechanical refurbishment process ensuring that when the process is complete, the taxi is as good as new.

No corners have been cut in the process and each taxi undergoes several strict quality checks before it reaches the showroom floor.

You will drive away secure in the knowledge that your taxi is safe, reliable and renewed to the highest standard, backed by a 60 000 km / 12 month warranty.



All taxis undergo stringent assessments to see what needs to be repaired and replaced.


Stripping and panel repair

The taxis are stripped before they undergo a full panel repair and an interior seat and trim refurbishment.



The painstaking process of paint preparation ensures a smooth finish. Our paint booths are fully equipped to handle the high standard of production backed by our lifetime paint guarantee.



The taxis are reassembled then washed and polished before they move to the mechanical refurbishment process.


Mechanical Refurbishment

Because safety and quality are of critical importance, our specialist technicians conduct an in-depth refurbishment of all mechanical parts.


We only use quality and tested parts.

These items are replaced on ALL Quality Renewed Taxis:

• Front brake pads

• Front brake discs

• Front brake callipers

• Rear brake linings

• Rear brake drums

• Rear wheel cylinders

• Rear brake assembly components i.e. spring kits, adjusters, levers

• Brake master cylinder

• Shock absorbers

• Ball joints

• Control arms

• Tie rod ends

• Steering rack ends

• Front and rear wheel bearings

• Steering rack

• Power steering pump

• Propshaft

• Driveshafts

• Tyres

• Shatterproof windscreens

• Shatterproof rear glass

• Quality wiper blades

• SABS approved safety belts & stalks


SA Taxi sources quality parts from both local and international suppliers and these parts are used through the entire refurbishment process.


Quality Control

Quality control takes place at several levels. Only once a taxi has passed through the strict quality control process will it move on to the next stop. After the internal quality control process is complete, each taxi undergoes a roadworthy test according to the Department of Transport standards.



Each Quality Renewed Taxi has a 12 month / 60 000 km warranty period, covering a number of mechanical and panel issues. Your taxi is covered as long as it receives its prescribed services from authorised mechanics.

If you need to claim under the warranty, we have a team of service advisors managing the process from start to finish. They manage the repair booking process between you and the workshop and will ensure that you get your taxi back in working order as soon as possible.


This warranty offering is only available on Quality Renewed Taxis.


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Taximart Dealership - Quality Refurbished Taxis | SA TaxiThe result of all the hard work, innovation and the commitment from the renewal process can be seen at SA Taxi Direct and affiliate dealerships, where only the Quality Renewed Taxis that have passed the strict quality control measures are on show.

Only taxis that have passed the strict quality control measures make it to the showroom floor.

We take great care in producing Quality Renewed Taxis, ensuring your safety and your passengers’ safety on the road.

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