Payment Relief for SA Taxi Customers

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SA Taxi prides itself as a focused partner to the minibus taxi industry.

We are committed to our clients and are a significant contributor to the financial empowerment of taxi owners. We finance small businesses – your taxi business – which helps create employment for an estimated 400 000 drivers, rank managers and associated service providers.

We have everything you need to start or grow your taxi business.

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Looking to start or grow your taxi business? We are the specialists in pre-owned and new taxis in South Africa. Purchase your vehicle direct through SA Taxi, supplier of new and pre-owned taxis.

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We are the first financial service provider to focus solely on the taxi industry and understand what you need as a business owner. Whether it is replacing a taxi or purchasing a new one, we are able to assist.

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Khusela Taxi Insurance is tailored insurance for your taxi. We include Installment Protection, Khusela Business Assist, and Taxi Alert SMS as additional benefits to protect your business.

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We have everything you need

to start and manage your business!

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