SA Taxi. A focused partner to the taxi industry.

SA Taxi finances entrepreneurs who operate minibus taxis that may not otherwise have access to credit from traditional banks, contributing to job creation, and enabling and improving the safety of public transport in South Africa.


We make a vital contribution to a market sector that has a stimulating effect on the national economy at many different levels.


New Jobs

Each taxi creates 1.8 new jobs related to the industry.



On average a taxi travels 6 500 Kms per month.



69% of all households utilise minibus taxis.

The taxi industry is South Africa’s heartbeat | SA Taxi

The taxi industry ensures that South Africans, including the vast majority of the country’s workforce, get to and from their destinations – on time at the lowest cost.

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A focused partner to the taxi industry | SA Taxi

SA Taxi is an independently owned commercial business. It is part of the Transaction Capital group of companies which listed on the JSE in June 2012.

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Our approach generates loyalty among our clients | SA Taxi

In spite of our higher interest rates, our clients appreciate that we have not only gone the extra mile in funding them but also that we are pro-active in finding ways to reduce the cost of their repayments.

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Million Daily Commuter Trips


More than 200 000 Taxis on our Roads


More than 64 000 businesses that SA Taxi has helped start.


Number of taxis currently financed by SA Taxi