Youth Month

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Youth Month

“I am driven by the goals that I need to accomplish in life”- Pertunia Shavhani, 25 years old.


“I want to improve my family’s standard of living and break the chain of poverty. I have a passion for change and touching people’s lives; giving the little that I have for a good cause. I always challenge myself to be the best that I can be to ensure that I succeed in every opportunity that is given to me. Being an SA Taxi intern has really been a great opportunity. The knowledge and professional skills I have obtained have opened lots of doors for me that will help me achieve my goals.”

“I believe that the power is in my hands to create the life and future for myself that I have always dreamed about.” Naomi Montshiwa, 23 years old.

Naomi is an SA Taxi intern who is determined to bring meaning to her life.

“I grew up in Hillbrow; my mom is a street vendor and my Dad passed away when I was much younger. I have observed my mother’s struggles and the struggles of all the woman around me. This propelled me to fight for my life and to achieve everything that will enable me to change the lives of the people that I come across, as well as bring meaning to my own life.

I used to assist my mum as a street vendor and was approached by Love Life to become part of their groundBREAKER training programme. I took the opportunity and registered to complete an HR qualification. I then applied for the internship at SA Taxi and was successful.

This is the first success story in my life journey and there will be many more to come. I am the first in my family to go to college and have a stable job. I want to be the first to start laying the foundations of success for the future generations in my family. This is what drives me, every day.”

“What drives me is my desire to succeed” – Musa Mgabi, 22 years old.

Musa is a Human Capital Intern who joined SA Taxi in March 2020. She is determined to build a name and a brand that aligns with her goals and objectives. “All this is because I have a mini-me that looks up to me and the aim is to teach him that whatever you put your mind to, believe in it and you’ll achieve it. As long as you work hard and believe in yourself anything is possible.”