Top entries for SA Taxi Foundation Art Award to go on public view

Top entries for SA Taxi Foundation Art Award to go on public view

In a South African first of its kind visual art award and exhibition, up to 25 original works by emerging artists submitted for the SA Taxi Foundation Art Award will go on display for a month at the Lizamore and Associates gallery in Parkwood, Johannesburg on 9 April 2015.


The SA Taxi Foundation Art Award is unique also in that the artists are required to produce an original work and then convert it into a format suitable for use as a decal on minibus taxis. The decals of the winning artworks wil be printed on taxis, acting as mobile public art works. Sixty taxis will carry them on a range of different routes in Gauteng and the Western Cape for a period of six months.


“The visual arts make a major contribution to the ways in which we perceive and process our society,” says Kalnisha Singh, director of the SA Taxi Foundation. “Yet, very few ordinary South Africans have access to galleries. So, in addition to creating opportunities for exposure for visual artists who very likely have no means to exhibit their work to a broad audience, we wanted also to introduce to the public at large the creativity within and reflecting their own society.


“The mini bus taxi industry, which is our clientele, moves millions of commuters around the country on a daily basis. It is, therefore, a natural ‘vehicle’ for displaying the people’s art to the people.


“At the same time, by requiring visual artists to think also in commercial terms and convert their work into decal format, we’re encouraging the integration of art and industry. Most artists have to make the transition to the commercial sector at some stage in order to earn a living. The SA Taxi Foundation Art Award shows that that transition can be extremely positive.”


Because the award is intended to impact the lives of emerging artists and the public on multiple levels, the SA Taxi Foundation selected judges who represent a broad range of perspectives on the nature and practical expression of creativity. They include innovation and trend specialist, Dion Chang, award-winning public performer, Donna Kukama, and internationally recognised art critic, historian, and mentor, Mary Corrigall.


The winner will receive a cash prize of R50 000 and each of the five merit winners will receive R10 000.