The first of its kind in the taxi industry

The option to get a new taxi after 48 months

Low monthly instalment

New taxi which should mean lower operating costs

The new taxi is also safer and more comfortable for your passengers

An Innovative Taxi Finance Solution Offering More Options


Given the tough economic climate we’re currently in with high vehicle prices, affordability becomes key to your business. SA Taxi is proud to introduce a flexible product in the form of TAXI BUY-BACK, a new taxi finance solution.


With a low deposit and low monthly instalments, TAXI BUY-BACK frees up cash for you to run your business more efficiently while maintaining your vehicle to improve passenger safety & comfort.

How does Taxi Buy-Back work?



  • Terms and Conditions Apply
  • Ownership: You will only own the taxi if you pay the full balloon payment at the end of the term or at the end of the refinanced term if you choose to refinance the balloon payment.
  • Insurance: It is NOT compulsory for you to take the insurance offered by SA Taxi Protect. You can choose your preferred insurance provider provided that the policy meets our minimum requirements.
  • Speak to your nearest Toyota dealer or contact us
  • Taxi Owner Protection Plan Terms & Conditions

Translations of the Pre-agreement Statement & Quotation and the Section 129 Letter of Demand can also be requested from our Customer Service Centre (011 550 9460).