Protect your Taxi

SA Taxi Protect, underwritten by Guardrisk, is designed by taxi industry experts who understand that an unfortunate event like theft or an accident can quickly turn into a financial setback for your business.

We cover shuttle services, chauffeur services, and traditional minibus taxi services but exclude any vehicle used for Meter Taxi / Uber purposes, no matter the vehicle type.

It’s not just a taxi, it’s a business, so protect it.

Our insurance products were specifically designed to meet your needs as a taxi operator. We include industry-specific benefits to protect your business.

Protect your business

Comprehensive Cover

Third party, passenger liability and other cover

What is covered?

Our comprehensive taxi insurance covers you for:

Accidental damage


Liability to third parties (including passengers)

Roadside emergencies

What are the benefits?

Accident Assist - We give you access to a towing service provider 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you are involved in an accident.

Newly purchased taxi substitution - If your taxi is stolen, hijacked or written off in the first 6 months, not only do we replace your taxi, we also pay for a new tracking unit and the installation.

Road cover - We manage your claim with the Road Accident Fund from start to finish, for free.

Passenger Liability - This benefit ensures you are protected should passengers choose to sue you in the case of an accident.

Instalment Protect - If your taxi is involved in an accident, we pay up to two instalments to your credit provider while your taxi is in repairs.

Roadside Assistance - Whether you’re stuck with a flat tyre or you’ve run out of fuel, we offer you roadside emergency assistance.

Policy Extensions Available

You can choose to add these extensions to your comprehensive policy at an additional cost.

Business Protect

If your taxi be involved in an accident and in for repairs, we pay you a set amount for each day the taxi is off the road for a maximum of 20 days.

Personal Accident

Pays out a set amount if you, your driver or passenger are killed or disabled as a result of an accident.

Deposit Sure

If your taxi is written off following an accident or stolen/hijacked and not recovered we pay you the actual deposit paid at the time of financing.

Zero Excess

We pay the excess payable following an accident.

Credit shortfall

Pays the difference between the amount you owe the credit provider under the credit agreement and the retail value of the taxi in the event of a total loss.

Additional Products

Credit Life

Settles the outstanding loan amount in the unfortunate event of your death, disability, unemployment, or any other insurable risk that is likely to impact your ability to fulfil your credit obligation.

Essential Plan

Enjoy these benefits:

Personal Accident - Pays out a set amount if you, your driver or passenger are killed or disabled as a result of an accident.

Passenger Liability - Covers you for legal liability for the injury or death of a passenger following an accident.

Loss of Income - Pays out a set amount if your taxi involved is written off after an accident.