SA Taxi Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Month

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SA Taxi Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Month

SA Taxi Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Month


November is Global Entrepreneurship Month and we at SA Taxi want to celebrate some of the entrepreneurs we are honoured to call our customers. Entrepreneurship is at the core of our pledge to drive our nation forward because every taxi we sell is a business on wheels.


All our customers have found their way into taxi entrepreneurship in different ways and show its many aspects and benefits. This month we will follow the stories of four taxi entrepreneurs who have changed their lives through the taxi industry.

Taxi entrepreneurship is generational, a legacy that can be passed down from older generations to younger ones, like in the Dlamini family. At the helm of the Dlamini legacy is Ms Grace Kelly Dlamini who inherited her taxi business from her parents. She narrates how she left the corporate world for entrepreneurship and how her daughter intends to keep the family legacy alive.


Ms Dlamini, who financed a taxi in her growing fleet through SA Taxi, also offers sage advice to her daughter and other prospective taxi entrepreneurs.

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Ms Grace Kelly Dlamini - Global Entrepreneurship Month | SA Taxi

The story of Mrs Khosi Nkumane shows us how taxi entrepreneurship sustains families. Mrs Nkumane inherited the business from her husband and has since upgraded it by buying three new taxis through SA Taxi.


She details the support entrepreneurs like herself receive from SA Taxi as they drive our nation forward. Through her business, Mrs Nkumane can feed, clothe, and educate her children.

Taxi entrepreneurship does not only support the families of the taxi operators but those of the many people employed through it too. Mr Philemon Nzima started his journey in the taxi industry as a part-time driver before he bought his first taxi in 1988.


Mr Nzima, who financed 3 taxis through SA Taxi now employs 22 people including 15 drivers, 5 mechanics, and a business manager. He explains how he expanded his business through SA Taxi when no other financier would support him.

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Mr Nzima - Global Entrepreneurship Month | SA Taxi

Finally, Mr Vusi Macheke shows us how taxi entrepreneurship opens doors for customers who did not have the opportunity to complete their schooling. Mr Macheke, who has financed 3 taxis through SA Taxi, shares how being a taxi entrepreneur has helped him give his children a university education he could not get.

Catch these heart-warming and inspiring stories of entrepreneurship every week on the SA Taxi social media and on our blog.

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