1. Who qualifies to participate in this promotion

1.1. All customers (“you”, “your”) of TAP who buy from TAP’S retail premises located at 504 16th Road, Randjespark, Midrand, 1685; and/or
1.2. All persons who buy TAP’s products online shall not benefit from the promotional offer. The promotional offers are only valid in-store;


2. What the promotion offers and how it works

2.1. Each Friday during the promotion term TAP will conduct Black Friday sale promotions in terms of which promotional items will be added and available for purchase on each day during the promotion term. This will continue until 12h30 on the last day of the promotion term.
2.2. In addition to the weekly Friday promotions, on the 26th November, the annual BIG Black Friday sale will take place and on that day TAP will offer more specials.
2.3. For more information please visit TAP’s premises at 504 16th Road, Randjespark, Midrand, 1685.
2.4. If you are a SA Taxi Rewards member you may use your loyalty credits to make a purchase of any one or more promotional item.
2.5. As is ordinary with purchases at TAP, you are required to register (including your name, identification and residential address) in order to conclude your purchases.
2.6. TAP may prescribe a maximum number of promotional items which each customer may purchase from TAP;
2.7. promotional items contemplated under this promotion are not eligible for refunds or returns unless the item is faulty or otherwise as may be prescribed by the applicable law; and
2.8. No children under 12 (age) will be allowed into the store.


3. Consequences of participating in this promotion – By entering into this promotion (which you may only do in the manner we explained in 1 above) you agree, accept and consent that (You may withdraw your consent free of charge any time):

3.1. we (and/or any of our affiliates (entities the financial results of which are, or are required to be, consolidated into the financial records of TAP Holdings Proprietary Limited and/or Transaction Capital Limited according to those entities’ accounting policies from time to time) may use your personal information (such as your name and/or photograph/likeness etc.) and publish that information in our various internal/external media in relation to this promotion and/or share it with organisations in cooperation with whom we market goods and/or services to you;
3.2. TAP’s management may (in their sole and exclusive discretion) stop/cancel this promotion or amend the terms and conditions as they deem appropriate and without first consulting you;
3.3. these terms and conditions (as we may amend them from time to time during the term of this promotion) are binding on you; and/or
3.4. in addition to 3.1, TAP and/or its affiliates may use your names for marketing and sales purposes, including to understand your shopping habits.


4. Important dates – the following are the dates which TAP has designated for this promotion (TAP may change the dates from time to time without first consulting you. It (TAP) may also extend the promotion term or shorten it in its sole and exclusive discretion):

4.1. The promotion will commence at 08.00am on 5 November 2021and end at 12:30pm on 27 November 2021 (“promotion term”);