Need quality taxi parts?


SA Taxi Auto Parts is the way to go! We’ll get you back on the road at the right price. We have everything you need to make sure that your taxi looks and performs at its best.


We offer:


Quality used taxi parts that are washed, inspected, tested where possible, labelled and ready for sale. These include, but not limited to: engines, panel parts, lamps, and electrical components.

Suppliers of quality used taxi parts


SA Taxi Auto Parts has a large and diverse stockholding of quality used taxi parts sourced from insurance write-offs. We strip these taxis and sell them as individual parts to our customers.


Since we have a large supply of insurance write-offs, we own the largest in-house stock availability of quality taxi parts to ensure our customers obtain the required stock needed at any given time.


If you are looking for rebuilds or to buy good quality parts for your taxi, then SA Taxi Auto Parts is the way to go.


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