SA Taxi is passionate about the growth and development of our country, our industry and our people.

We therefore appreciate the role that enterprise development plays and how partnering with entrepreneurs plays a vital role in driving economic and social change.


SA Taxi Finance, SA Taxi Foundation and selected service providers have collaborated to implement the SA Taxi Enterprise and Supplier Development Initiative.


The Transformation function within our company is responsible for the management and oversight of this Initiative.

SA Taxi Foundation Initiatives


SA Taxi Foundation has been incorporated as a separate not-for-profit legal entity within the group structure, and is an essential extension of SA Taxi’s commitment to real economic freedom with sustainable intervention.

The bursary fund intends to provide the opportunity for willing and capable learners within rural and peri-urban communities to break-free of the ties that bind them to the informal economy.

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SA Taxi Foundation Bursary | SA Taxi
SAPESI Mobile Libraries | SA Taxi

Of the 24000 registered public primary schools in South Africa, only 1900 have functioning libraries.

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SA Taxi Foundation aims to facilitate greater involvement in the arts from local participants – premised on the belief that arts and culture can and should be effectively integrated into the fabric of our socio-economy.

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SA Taxi Foundation Art Award | SA Taxi
Road Safety Awareness Campaign | SA Taxi

SA Taxi Foundation has partnered with Educate Africa to deliver interactive Road Safety presentations to selected schools over a period of one week during Transport Month (October 2014).

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