Long Weekend Hacks

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Long Weekend Hacks

Long Weekend Hacks


Taking a short break on a long weekend is time that commuters use to reconnect with loved ones, but encountering problems along the way can be disappointing. Before setting off with a load of passengers, it’s worth giving your vehicle a bit of a check-up, to ensure its travel health.


Minibus taxis are passenger vehicles that need to comply with strict operating conditions. This means that they need to to be well maintained to ensure their roadworthiness. Here is a basic checklist that Taxipreneurs can use:


  • Check all fluid levels, and top up if necessary: oil, brake, radiator water, coolant, windscreen water, fuel
  • Tyre treads should be checked, as well as tyre pressures, adjusted for heavy loads
  • Brakes and brake pads should be checked for wear, replaced if necessary
  • Lights and indicators all in working order
  • Windscreen wipers and blades in good condition
  • Ensure the spare tyre is in good condition and the right pressure, and that the jack is intact
  • Check you have an emergency triangle, in case of breakdowns.


Even passenger vehicles like minibus taxis are required to plan the stops en route, to refuel, stretch legs and use the bathrooms. A driver should stop for a break every two to three hours. Using GPS apps and communicating with fellow association Taxipreneurs to alert for traffic problems ahead, and help the driver plot the best route to the passengers destination.


Being prepared for a road trip can take the hassle and frustration out of your journey, allowing more time for rest and planning for your next commute.

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