Protect your Taxi

Khusela Taxi Insurance is designed by taxi industry experts who understand that an unfortunate event like a theft or accident can quickly turn into a financial disaster for your business.


Khusela Insurance covers shuttle services, chauffer services, and traditional minibus taxi services. But excludes any vehicle used for Meter Taxi / Uber purposes, no matter the vehicle type.

Khusela taxi business insurance is there to protect your business.

Khusela has been specifically designed to meet your needs as a taxi operator. We include Instalment Protection, Khusela Business Assist, and Taxi Alert SMS as additional benefits to protect your business.

Protect your business

Comprehensive Cover

Third party, passenger liability and other cover

Comprehensive Cover

When your taxi is damaged in an accident, we cover the repair costs.

If your taxi is stolen or damaged to such an extent that it is structurally unsafe to repair, we cover the retail value of the taxi. You will need to pay an excess.

If you go to an approved repairer, we reduce your excess amount.

Third party, passenger liability & other cover

When your taxi is in an accident, you are legally liable to pay the third party involved in the accident. We insure you for the amount that you are responsible to pay.

A valid taxi operators license.

We pay up to a defined limit.

We also include all the necessary cover required by your credit provider.