How Mamorene Jele is driving herself and our nation forward.

How Mamorene Jele is driving herself and our nation forward | SA Taxi

How Mamorene Jele is driving herself and our nation forward.

How Mamorene Jele is driving herself and our nation forward.


From the moment you meet Virtual Sales Manager, Mamorene Jele, you are immediately disarmed by her dazzling smile and warm aura. Her bellowing laugh fills the room and it’s no wonder why her customers and team alike adore her.


Born and bred in the Eastern Cape, Mamorene was shocked when she arrived in Gauteng and learned that people do not greet. “I was taught to greet everyone I come across so I was surprised when I got here and realised that people do not greet even when they get into a taxi”. Fortunately for her, one of the SA Taxi behaviours is We Greet – Greetings never end.


Not only does she embody our behaviours, but our values too! Through her participation in various training programmes, Mamo, as she is affectionately known, is constantly finding ways to Achieve – The SA Taxi Way. She first enrolled in a credit management course in 2012 which she admittedly wanted to quit. “I almost dropped out of the programme but I said to myself, ‘Mamo, you are not a quitter and I completed it,” she narrates.


Mamo continued her learning when she applied for and was awarded a bursary which she used to study towards a qualification in Project Management at the University of Johannesburg. “One thing I really love about SA Taxi is that they give us the opportunity to improve ourselves.”


The latest programme she is part of is the Siya Phambili leadership programme which focuses on different leadership levels to ensure that we have the same leadership approach across all levels. “I am learning so much from the programme. I have learned about the different types of behaviours that can be exhibited by team members and how I can assist them.”


The programme is also helping her learn how to deal with different personalities which has helped her develop an even higher level of patience, something that has positively impacted both her professional and personal life. “I used to be a bit short with my children but since Siya Phambili, I am much more patient with them,” she explains.


In hindsight, Mamo is glad she took the step towards leadership by accepting her position as Virtual Sales Manager after years of being wary to do so because she didn’t think she would be able to handle things like conflict within her team. “I used to think ‘what if I cannot manage people?’ but now that I am doing it, I’m loving it!” she remarks.


She says her team is united, works well together and she gets nothing but respect from them.


We are excited to watch Mamo’s growth as she continues Driving Our Nation Forward.