How Innocent is Driving Our Nation Forward

Innocent Khumalo | SA Taxi

How Innocent is Driving Our Nation Forward

How Innocent is Driving Our Nation Forward


It was in 2014 that Innocent Khumalo left his home in Richards Bay in pursuit of his share of gold eGoli. He was immediately thrown in the deep end when his taxi dropped him off in what felt like the middle of nowhere. “The day I arrived in Joburg, I got lost in Isando. It felt like I was on an island and I didn’t know where to go” he reminisces. Fortunately for him, a friendly security guard patrolling the area gave him a lift to his destination.


It would be another two years before Innocent came aboard our Taxi as an Assembler in our Panel department. Very quickly, he started going beyond his duties when he applied for and was selected to be a Culturevator in 2017 and again in 2018.


He also decided to actively make an impact, The SA Taxi Way, when he joined the SA Taxi Foundation. While he was not able to attend all the outreach programmes because of his demanding work, he remembers one of his favourites, a visit to schools in the North West to paint Zebra Crossings as part of a road safety campaign.


A team player, Innocent would always step in and perform his then supervisor’s duties whenever he was absent. Taking initiative in this way and continuously applying himself in his work no doubt played a role in his recent promotion to Assembler Supervisor.


Innocent has a renewed sense of gratitude for the growth he has experienced and the opportunities he has been granted since he started working at SA Taxi. “I was granted a bursary to attend Taalnet Varsity in Kempton Park where I completed my N2 in a mechanical course.” He says.


Innocent believes SA Taxi is one of the best places for one to grow personally and professionally, “if you really want to learn and grow, there are people who are always willing to help you. Be willing to learn and be patient so you can grow” he concludes.