Global Entrepreneurship Month: Women in Taxi Entrepreneurship

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Global Entrepreneurship Month: Women in Taxi Entrepreneurship

Global Entrepreneurship Month: Women in Taxi Entrepreneurship


Khosi Nkumane is part of a growing number of women who are represented in the taxi industry. She took over her family’s taxi business with three taxis after her husband died in 2006. Since then, Mrs Nkumane has sold the old taxis and bought brand new ones, three of which were financed through SA Taxi – the first in 2008, and has since paid all of them off.


Mrs Nkumane remarks that she is growing as a businesswoman and continues to learn. She has seen improvement in the industry since taking over the business and believes that taxi operators are growing as business people. “Little by little, [taxi operators] are growing in business – now they know what business all is about. “


She also remarks on how she survives in the male-dominated industry. “I have managed as a woman in the industry by listening to other people and adopting what is important to succeed.”


Speaking on the assistance entrepreneurs receive from SA Taxi she says: “SA Taxi is a financial institution that helps us greatly because they don’t only give us finance but look after us and check on our progress.”


Of the many benefits that come with being part of the SA Taxi family is the telematics device that is installed on all our taxis. Among other functions, the device sends alerts about the taxi to owners. “I also use the tracking device, which comes in [as an alert] to my phone and I check it every day; when the drivers start the taxi, I can monitor the it”.


Mrs. Nkumane says, “Owning taxis means a lot to me and my family because I manage to pay school fees, buy groceries and clothes, water and lights, and I’m paying for a private car.” She is still growing her taxi business and says: “I want to have six taxis, which will be enough for me to manage and I will be able to continue providing for my family.”


Mrs. Nkumane says she is proud to be associated with SA Taxi and recommends it to others.


“I am where I am today because of SA Taxi”.

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