Dear SA Taxi Customer


These are trying times in our country, with the Covid-19 virus infection forcing our President to call for a 21-day National Lockdown.


SA Taxi is encouraged by the efforts of our President and his team of ministers to save the lives of our citizens, and we support the call for a National Lockdown.


As a long-standing partner to the taxi industry, we understand that this call will have a negative impact on your business and your livelihood.


SA Taxi would like to reassure you that our team is dedicated to helping your business make it through this period of uncertainty. It is with our partnership in mind that we have taken a decision to support you by providing payment relief for the month of April if you meet the requirements set out below.


In addition, your insurance cover through SA Taxi Protect, VUM and Mobility will remain in force during this period, notwithstanding non-payment of premium. If you are insured through other brokers or insurers, we cannot guarantee that you will be covered as other insurers have not provided the same commitments as yet.


Who qualifies for payment relief?


  • Your account must be in good standing. We will send you a SMS in due course to let you know if your account is in good standing and that you qualify.
  • If your account is not in good standing, you can still qualify for the payment relief if:
  • The telematics device in your vehicle is in working order AND
  • You are either (i) NOT travelling during the lock-down period; or (ii) travelling only to provide transport in support of essential services.


What is payment relief?


  • You do not need to pay your finance instalment for April 2020 if you are in good standing.
  • You do not have to pay your insurance premium for April 2020 if you are in good standing.
  • If you elect not to pay your instalment for April, we will extend the term of your credit agreement unless we make other arrangements with you.


Although none of us can say with any certainty what will happen in the next few weeks, we are hopeful that by May 2020 things will be better and we can all get back to running our businesses in a safe and healthy environment.


We understand that this National Lockdown will be stressful for you and want you to know that as your partner in this business, we are here to assist you in any way we can during this difficult period. A dedicated team of customer care agents will be in contact with you during this period to check in on your wellbeing and to ensure that we keep you informed of the latest developments.


If you need to contact us during this period, we will be available to you on 011 550 9460. If we are unable to answer your call immediately due to high call volumes, please stay on the line, and bear with us. We appreciate your understanding that our service levels may be impacted during this time.


Keep safe during this lockdown. We look forward to supporting you further in growing your business for years to come.







What will happen to my payments?


You will not make payment for the month of April 2020 but interest and charges accruing on your account during this period will be added onto the principal debt. We will extend the term of your credit agreement unless we make other payment arrangements with you. You will resume your normal payments in May 2020.


Who do I contact to ensure that my Cartrack Unit is working?


Please contact the Cartrack call centre on 011 250 3185 to book a repair.