Don’t Just Make An Income.

Make An Impact.

We are looking for game changers who want to add value and make a difference. As an SA Taxi employee, you’ll be challenged to demonstrate your ability to adapt, play, create, achieve, and make an impact. These are our core values.


Drive Your Career Forward


At SA Taxi, hierarchy is not a hindrance. You’ll get opportunities to collaborate with talented people at all levels while driving the nation forward and positively impacting the taxi industry – a critical pillar of South Africa’s public transport sector.


We believe that employees grow when they work in a healthy environment.


This is what you can expect:

  • Market related remuneration
  • Access to a variety of learning resources
  • Exciting career development opportunities to help you grow.
  • On-site Occupational and Primary Health Care Clinic
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Employee Shuttle Service
  • An amazing culture 

The SA Taxi Way | Our Culture


What is The SA Taxi Way?

We believe that we shouldn’t leave culture to chance; we have invested effort and energy in crafting a culture that engages people as individuals or groups to achieve a common goal. The SA Taxi Way is our culture. It is the way we engage with each other, our customers, and stakeholders. It’s our mission, vision, values and behaviours. In essence, the ingredients to a special recipe that helps us achieve our goals and fulfil our purpose of driving the nation forward.


Our Values


We create unique solutions for our unique problems. We create jobs both in the industries we support and within our own business. We are passionate about what we do and our vision has no boundaries.


We are constantly growing and changing. We are agile and can adapt to environmental factors with resilience. Our innovative nature allows us to create possibilities where others would see obstacles.


We work hard and play hard! We know that when people are happy at work, they perform better and are more productive, that’s why we encourage employees to find the fun in what they do.


By the very nature of the work we do, we have a huge impact not only on the taxi industry, but society as a whole. We strongly believe in giving back and making a difference.


We are results driven and have a high-performance culture. We set goals that are challenging and strive to achieve them. We work hard and smart to reach our goals while adding value.

Our Behaviours

  • We greet – greetings never end
  • We are on a first name basis
  • Our offices are open plan and so are our doors – We are accessible
  • We are humble
  • We are fair yet firm – and in that order
  • We value all diversity
  • We love to see the human in each other
  • We have procedures but not bureaucracy
  • Our teams make a winning team (1+1=3)
  • No job is too small
  • We communicate – We are transparent
  • We have a view
  • We take pride in what we do and where we do it
  • We make every effort to be the reason our customers are happy
  • We deliver bad news fast
  • We love to grow from within
  • We do good
  • We learn
  • We have fun
  • We reward, celebrate and appreciate
  • Hierarchy is not a hindrance
  • We push hard
  • We take calculated risks

Hear from our awesome team

Asset-Backed Lending

Asset-Backed Lending is responsible for the sale of taxis, taxi finance and the collection of instalments through the SA Taxi Direct dealerships and our Loan Originations and Collections departments. This cluster’s key focus is to provide access to quality taxis at a competitive rate in line with SA Taxi’s mission to provide finance and other services that enable the sustainability of the minibus taxi community and improve the safety and quality of taxis. SA Taxi Direct has a growing number of dealerships that sell both new and Quality Renewed Taxis in Midrand, Polokwane, Johannesburg South, Durban and Brackenfell. Our Loan Originations department assists prospective customers by performing credit assessments and finalising purchase agreements.

Shared Services

Shared Services supports the business in achieving its organisational goals. Our Finance team is divided into functional focus areas to support each business unit and Human Capital ensures that we have the right talent and that our people are constantly developed and engaged. Production of internal and external marketing communication and collateral lies within the Marketing department. IT is responsible for managing the organisation’s IT infrastructure, security and business systems while the Business Change department supports and implements a variety of bespoke and off the shelf systems. Our Facilities team is responsible for the maintenance of buildings while ensuring the functionality, safety, and sustainability of our working environment.


We are perfectly positioned to understand the unique risks associated with the taxi industry. Our insurance business, SA Taxi Protect, offers products that are uniquely tailored for Taxipreneurs. While a large number of our policyholders is made up of SA Taxi finance customers, we also cater to those that are not financed by us. The Policy Management team assists policyholders with the management of their policies and our Claims department has seamless processes and quick turnaround times. We have also partnered with select panel beaters across the country to ensure that insured taxis receive timeous and quality assured repairs so our policyholders can get back on the road as soon as possible.


The Auto cluster produces and maintains the quality of the taxis on the road. This is achieved by producing Quality Renewed Taxis. Our experienced mechanical and panel technicians refurbish second-hand taxis, turning them into Quality Renewed Taxis which are then sent to SA Taxi Direct branches and our affiliated dealerships for sale. SA Taxi Auto Repairs provides repairs and maintenance on Quality Renewed Taxi warranties and insurance claims. SA Taxi Auto Parts supplies parts to SA Taxi Auto Repairs and panel beaters.

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