Our approach generates loyalty among our clients

Our clients appreciate that we have not only gone the extra mile in funding them but also that we are pro-active in finding ways to reduce the cost of their repayments.


Our customers know that we understand that their margins are extremely tight and that every petrol price hike puts pressure on their business. Their customers, the commuters, face increasing demands on their disposable income, which means that the operators cannot simply increase their prices when they are faced with rising costs.


So, unlike other vehicle financers, we put our financial expertise to work to find revenue generation opportunities for our customers. We help our customers earn more money while cutting their costs.


This also helps SA Taxi be more sustainable. Many of our first time customers come back to us to finance replacement or additional taxis. This, in spite of the fact that they have usually by this time entered the formal economy, have good credit records (through us), have bank accounts, and qualify for conventional vehicle finance.


Our customers are loyal to us because we help when no-one else will.