SA Taxi

A focused partner to the taxi industry.

7 new jobs

Each taxi creates 7 new jobs related to the industry.

6 500 Kms

On average a taxi travels 6 500 Kms per month.


67% of all travel in SA is via minibus taxis.

Proud partner

SA Taxi prides itself as a dedicated partner to the taxi industry.

The taxi industry is South Africa’s heartbeat

The taxi industry ensures that South Africans, including the vast majority of the country’s workforce, get to and from their destinations – on time at the lowest cost. 

According to the Statistics SA 2013 Household Survey, taxi operators transport over 15 million commuters every day. Children get to and from school every day and adults are able to get to work so that they can provide for their families. Consumables become more accessible and thousands of people are able to attend vibrant stadiums to watch their favourite sports events, support their communities by attending meetings, wedding and funerals and getting to their voting station.

This is the guts of what the Taxi industry has to offer and our taxi operators are pivotal in making this a reality. As a gateway financer, we enable entrepreneurs to start and sustain their own small businesses by catering for all their taxi related needs.

We facilitate insurance that ensures that, if the vehicle goes out of service for any reason within the first six months, the operator is able to pay his next instalment and keep his business going until the vehicle is back in operation – or, if necessary, replaced.

In addition, we provide a rewards programme (Shayela) that gives operators the means to reduce the cost of their vehicle instalments by becoming more effective business people.

We pro-actively and continuously seek ways, such as giving operators access to in-vehicle advertising, to help operators earn extra revenue that can cover the cost of their instalment.

SA Taxi – who we are

SA Taxi is an independently owned commercial business. It is part of the Transaction Capital group of companies which listed on the JSE in June 2012.


SA Taxi was founded in 2002 and now has more than 700 employees. It is based in Midrand in Gauteng, but has a national customer base.

We focus exclusively on building entrepreneurs through the medium of the taxi industry. Of the estimated 200 000 taxis on the roads in South Africa, SA Taxi finances some 24 900.

Because we are not a bank, funded by the amounts in customer accounts, we have to source the money we lend to our clients from, for instance, foreign and local direct investment. However, in the world of international finance, the informal nature of the taxi industry makes it a high risk investment. In order to mitigate their risk the interest rates charged are at a premium and not comparable to other formal banking institutions

Because we are a gateway financer, we generate significant black economic empowerment scorecard points for our investors.

Our approach generates loyalty among our clients

In spite of our higher interest rates, our clients appreciate that we have not only gone the extra mile in funding them but also that we are pro-active in finding ways to reduce the cost of their repayments.

Our customers know that we understand that their margins are extremely tight and that every petrol price hike puts pressure on their business. Their customers, the commuters, face increasing demands on their disposable income, which means that the operators cannot simply increase their prices when they are faced with rising costs.

So, unlike other vehicle financers, we put our financial expertise to work to find revenue generation opportunities for our customers. We help our customers earn more money while cutting their costs.

This also helps SA Taxi be more sustainable. Many of our first time customers come back to us to finance replacement or additional taxis. This, in spite of the fact that they have usually by this time entered the formal economy, have good credit records (through us), have bank accounts, and qualify for conventional vehicle finance.

Our customers are loyal to us because we help when no-one else will.


Transaction Capital

Transaction Capital Investor Relations

The Transaction Capital group focuses on non-deposit taking financial services, more specifically risk services and asset-backed lending in the underserved segments. Transaction Capital’s subsidiaries operate in market segments perceived to be of higher risk, in which they apply specialised credit, risk, analytics and capital management competencies to achieve scale and leading positions. Transaction Capital’s unique business model rests on excellent human capital and highly differentiated intellectual property and technology capabilities, driven by a strong entrepreneurial culture. The group leverages these strengths to position its businesses to take advantage of opportunities arising from South Africa’s macro- and socio-economic context. The group focuses on augmenting and refining the distinctive competencies required to achieve deep vertical integration in its chosen market segments.

SA Taxi utilises its proprietary data and vertically integrated specialist capabilities within the vehicle supply chain, to supply income generating vehicles, developmental credit, insurance and allied services to the underserved & emerging SME market

SA Taxi’s funders regard the group and its businesses as financially stable counterparties that exemplify the highest standards of risk management, transparency, disclosure, prudence, innovation, compliance, governance and ethics.

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  • LOA – Letter of Association ((No older than 60 days and has to be signed by the authorised person at the Association)
  • Permit or OLAS receipt (Operating License and Route Annexure)

At SA Taxi we want to ensure that the behavior displayed by our company and our staff is of the highest ethical standards, should you see or experience behavior that is not in line with these standards please contact our anonymous tip-offs line so that we can take action to prevent it from recurring, the anonymous reporting contact details are: 

Ethics Hotline

Free call: 0800 212 767
Free fax: 0865 222 816
Postal Address: PO Box 51006,

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